Monday, October 4, 2010

Ampang is the new Kajang

You know how last time when satay is mentioned, Kajang always comes first to mind. Well these days it's all over the place, Kajang is no longer the only place to provide one's favourite satay.

So it's called Satay Station. The reason I love this cosy place is because we get to sit in the house (literally), provided that it's not full house. There are ample of tables outside if you prefer outdoor. But bare in mind that the grilling is done outside. The place feels authentic because it's in a traditional setup. The meat is super tender, let me assure you. It's somewhat far from home, but it's worth the trip when the time calls for it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why short? It's not even bread!

So this is breakfast for today. If you've never had SHORTBREAD before, you need to get yourself to the nearest supermarket and buy yourself some! Okay, so for all you calory-counters out there, this might send you off into shock mode but just for one day forget about the calories and indulge!!

Shortbread, so good!

ps//the Tesco brand tastes pretty darn good too :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday's on a Friday night + Coffee Bean = Heaven

you need to eat Buffalo wings for party and drink your Coffee Bean. super duper yYyUMMmYYyyY.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A tribute, Rota

I dedicate this post to my favourite chips. ROTA.

Why? Because it seems like they don't sell it around anymore.

What? I have in my hands now are probably the last 3 Rota on earth. Okayy, if you happened to find, send to me yeah?

When? It was last seen at Genting Highlands. That's how rare these chips are. But yes, I'm still gonna eat it before it age like mandy's spices.

How? Nice does it taste or how did it go into extinction? Alright, I'll go for the former.. Try to imagine. You know how delicious chips taste like? With that basic taste, add a bit of spicy flavour, and sugar. yum. it's like hot and cold, yes and no..

Who? ...Fine, if you really like Rota chips, you can come over and I'll share it.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I've never used this recipe, I baked Cinnamon biscotti's instead teehee.
But this was what that exactly told me how simple baking biscotti is.
Plus, he's so funny/cool/weird I actually watched this a whole lot of times.

But I've gotta admit I've been a little lazy in watching the rest of the videos.
The bloopers would be a fun watch too.
Hint : You get to see his real appearance.

So, dip those biscotti's in your coffee, black or white, with sugar or cream or as the foodcommander commanded, wine.
Or just have them as it is, crunchy all round, but make sure you have strong teeth.
Remember to brush your teeth everyday now!

honey soy is rock.

My favourite sauce in the whole wide world is...
it's amazing as a marinade on chicken for barbeques or stir frys.
i even love the honey soy chicken chips (not available in my country boo hoo)
however, at least i have found a recipe to make my own marinade/sauce to go on my chicken!
and i'm looking forward to using it soon.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One of the things you NEED at a Barbi


*hear the angels sing*

Yes! Today we discovered that you NEED lemons at your party.
Simply because it goes with almost everything.
Your fish,
Your meat, (fish doesn't count)
Your veggies,
(&If you're drinking out of the coke family)
Your drinks as well!

So make sure you stock up on Lemons
because lets face it,
We all need a lil Zest in our lives.